Services we offer at Tiptaft Smith & Co.

These are the kind of things we do for our clients

  • Personal TaxationTax Returns, Annual tax returns must be filed with H M Revenue & Customs every year by January 31st.
  • Limited Company Accountsto be filed with Companies House within 9 months of the company’s year end.
  • Limited Company Taxation tax to be paid by 9 months after the year end
  • Company Tax Return CT600to be filed with HMRC within 12 months of the company’s year end.
  • Company FormationAdvice on the issue of shares and shareholders, appointment of directors and secretary, registered office address, share transfers, records required by law to be kept by the company, and other requirements of company law.
  • Company Secretarial and Accounts ConsiderationsAnnual accounts must be filed every year – but how much information needs to be disclosed?  Full accounts or abridged accounts? Who has access to these accounts?  An annual return must also be filed with companies house disclosing required information.  What is the position if these documents are filed late or if the information provided is incomplete or incorrect?  We have many years of experience on all these and other matters which is available to our clients.
  • Taxation PlanningThis is an important matter on which we shall be happy to advise you.
  • Business Start-upWhat are your reasons for starting a business and how should you proceed?  Should you operate as a sole trader or in partnership, or even consider forming a company?  What are the considerations you should bear in mind in running your business?  What records should you keep?  What is your relationship with your bank?
  • Management Accounts – Should you have management accounts prepared and, if so, how often?  What are the advantages and what is the cost of having them prepared?
  • Professional and Personal Advice We offer advice on all matters relating to your business and personal affairs.
  • Payroll and PAYEWhat records are required and how are national insurance contributions (an additional tax) calculated?
  • VAT ConsultancyHow does VAT work and what records should you keep?  How should this tax be paid or refunded?  We can advise you and prepare your VAT returns for you.
  • Investigation WorkSometimes questions arise on a client’s affairs.  HMRC can instigate an enquiry into a tax payer’s affairs at any time. We have many years experience of dealing with HMRC’s enquires on our clients’ behalf and are jealous of protecting them from the ravages of officialdom
  • Sole Traders and Partnership AccountsLegal requirements, tax implications and mitigation of tax liabilities- Payroll and PAYE. What records are required and how are national insurance contributions (an additional tax) calculated?