The firm of Tiptaft Smith & Co, Chartered Accountants

  • Established in South Yorkshire for over 90 years

  • The firm founded by C P Tiptaft MC, FCA.

  • Clients throughout the UK

  • We deal with all matters relating to accounts, tax, finance, planning

  • We are Registered Auditors, authorised to carry out audits of limited companies and other 
    regulated bodies 
  • Each member of the firm knows all our clients

  • We stand up for our clients and protect them from any unreasonable demands of HMRC 
    and petty bureaucracy. 

The firm of Tiptaft Smith & Co, Secretarial Services

Is an associated non-VAT registered firm offering exclusive accounting and secretarial services.

What we do for our clients

We do what any other firm of chartered accountants does. Much information is shown on the ‘What WDo‘ Page.

Practicalities - Our charges

Our charges are assessed according to the time spent on our clients’ affairs and the level of expertise required to deal with any professional advice given.

A simple set of accounts already prepared, or a tax return requiring just a general review, with all the information produced in an ordered way at the start of the contract, will certainly attract a more modest fee than accounts which have to be prepared from incomplete records which require greater involvement.

A company engagement is likely to be more costly due to the fact that a company has a separate legal identity and has its own responsibilities to its shareholders, to HMRC and to Companies House, Consideration of matters such as PAYE, VAT, dividends, formal accounts etc are usually involved.

We always discuss your requirements and our fees in advance so that you will know where you stand.

Charges can be paid by cheque, cash, debit and credit card, or monthly bankers’ standing order.


Our reputation as Chartered Accountants speaks for itself – we do not seek nor do we publish testimonials.

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