Those who work at the offices of Tiptaft Smith and Co.

Lesley Warren

Lesley Warren

Joined the firm in 2013 to take on specialised Company Affairs and Regulated Accounting work. Enjoys music, singing and reading

David Tiptaft

David Tiptaft

My main concern in the office is looking after the affairs of my clients, but I have other interests which include the directorship of a local property company and charity work. I am a long time member of the Mexborough and District Rotary Club. My personal interests include music, the arts, opera, chess, conversation, politics and gardening.

Mary Bailey

Mary Bailey

Joined the firm in 1968 as secretary to CP Tiptaft. Vastly experienced, very wise, enormously helpful. Enjoys family and reading.

Each of us takes responsibility for, and pleasure in looking after our clients' affairs, all of whom are known to us personally

Our Office

The offices of Tiptaft Smith and Co. are situated at 3a West Street Mexborough, near the Post Office, above a barber’s shop and a chiropodist.

Our office is efficient and our surroundings are relaxing and attractive, not only for us but also for our clients.

There are original paintings on the walls, – by  David Wynn Millward, Runima  Kakote, and Sally Anne Barrass.

Some of  these paintings are shown here.

History of Our Firm

Founded by CP Tiptaft MC, FCA in 1924, the firm has been in the ownership of the Tiptaft family throughout its history. David Tiptaft CBE, FCA, the present principal, is the son of CP Tiptaft. After a period with a London City firm, following his qualification as a Chartered Accountant in 1962, he was elected as a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1973. He has been in Mexborough since 1973, presently at Marchman House, 3a West Street, Mexborough.

We have been in Mexborough for over 90 years

Our Firm Today

This is a small general practice offering personal professional  service to our clients.  As a general practice  we deal with all aspects of accounts and taxation, finance and business, and have extensive knowledge of the needs of the individual, business owner, partnerships and companies.

We prepare accounts for business purposes (eg banks for borrowing funds) and agree tax liabilities with H M Revenue and Customs.  We have contacts with specialists in the fields of taxation and company law where expert advice is sought.

Our clients include companies and businesses, large and small. We act for many individuals in completeing their tax returns and obtaining tax repayments on their behalf.

We believe in playing fairly with the taxation authorities and in producing honest information, allowing us all to sleep well at night.  

We also believe that the individual needs protection from authority – tax or other – where claims or demands are unreasonable and unfair, and we argue fiercely on behalf of our clients where circumstances require.

This firm is regulated by our professional body, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).  DHP Tiptaft is authorised to undertake the audit of limited companies.

We are Registered Auditors – qualified to carry out statutory audits of limited companies and other regulated bodies.

We have contacts with specialists in the fields of accountancy, tax and the law when expert advice is required.

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